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A 12 hour ultra from two points, Point A Maud Railway station and point B Auchnagatt village hall, Distance between the two stations is 4.3 miles gained from a GPS watch, Starting at Auchnagatt hall and running out to Maud Station and back again for 12 hours, the route is flat and fast all on trail covering the Formartine and Buchan railway, Excellent for breaking those PB's, To find out some history from the Formartime & Buchan Railway see the button below 

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Auchnagatt Hall
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Basic Race Rules



Pre-race briefing prior to starting at 06:45 hrs at the start all runners must attend, The race will start from Maud station at 0700 hrs, The start will be slightly hectic but once you get going the field of runners will soon spread out along the course,


Runners must keep to the left-hand side of the trail path heading towards Maud station, and same again on the way back heading to the village hall, completing as many out and backs as possible.


The line will still be open to public use so please be aware of other users on the railway line.


It is recommended that each runner has 1 member of support, no support runners/pacers allowed and no dogs to accompany any runners this is a timed solo event.


Race numbers are to be worn on the front of the runner so it is clearly visible, look out for fellow runners and give support and help if needed, runners can use headphones but please be aware of fellow runners and general public and marshal's issuing instructions, Any decisions made by the medical team or race directors is final, this is in the best interest of your own health and safety.


If you decide to finish your race before the 12 hours are up, you or your support person must inform a marshal that you are done, this is also a safety check as it shows you are no longer on the course.


More rules and race information can be found on the Race Handbook which will be sent out to each successful entrant. 


Medical section - in some cases, our medical team may contact a runner to clarify or expand on the information that has been provided. in some circumstances, they may ask a runner to provide additional information from you own medical professionals. this is always done with your best interests and safety in mind, so please comply fully with any such request. our medics are very experienced in ultra running and their task is to see you through this event as safe as possible.





Support Team



We would welcome and recommend each runner has one support team member to aid in supporting there runner, support team will be able to set up a small aid station at Maud station there is ample room there to do so, running 12 hours isn't easy and having that extra wee support will help them a long way we ask that you do not bring a tribe along and overcrowd the place. there will be a small section of space at Auchnagatt side for some crew stations guidance from race crew will point you in the right direction.


No support teams are allowed on the course itself this is to keep the course from overcrowding, we aim to keep this section open to the public still, Support only at the two turn around points Maud Station and Auchnagatt Hall.


There are two/three access points along the route from the main road between Auchnagatt and Maud these are residential accesses to family homes, at NO point can any support crews use these to meet there runner on the course, these entrances are also crucial for medical assistance if needed.


Maud also has a small local cafe also called the old town mart cafe, also the station bar for refreshments,  the station itself has a small museum visitor attraction. Auchnagatt Village hall is also looking to put on some hot and cold refreshments for sale 


We also ask that you keep the local area free from your rubbish and do not litter, leave the place as it was when you arrived thank you. 



Car Parking



There is car parking in both villages in and around Maud and Auchnagatt, owners are parking at there own risk.

Maud stations has two main semi-large car parks and this is where we encourage support teams to park and to support there runner, One of the car parks does have a height restriction barrier in place and would only suit a small car/van height, camper-vans may struggle to get into the height-restricted car park, Further details will be passed once exact distance is found. 


Please be sensible and considerate whilst parking your vehicle.