Virtual Distance Challenge

A 3 month distance challenege throughout the months of July, August and september.

Each participant will go their own pace and try and accumulate as much distance as they can at there own pleasure. This is a no pressure event as each participant can run, jog or even walk the dog as the aim is to clock up as many miles as possible by foot.

Entrants will need to record their monthly mileage from either of the fitness apps that most are using today, for example Strava, Garmin, Suunto, Nike, Polar or basic data from the health app on IOS and Android devices. At the end of each month data/evidence will be verified by Tay and Ram event organisers with just a simple screenshot of the total mileage gained in that month.

Entrants will receive a bespoke puzzle medal piece for each month completed printed on the medal piece. The challenge is to complete each month and in turn gain each puzzle piece to complete the full medal. Each medal will be bespoke with your individual mileage covered on each of the puzzle pieces.

Runners will have until the 7th of each subsequent month to send in their evidence for verification, evidence must be sent to


Please see event guideline overleaf.  

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