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Bennachie Ultra (Covid 19 style)

Well we all can say that 2020 hasn't went to plan for the main current population of planet earth, and what a complete and utter disaster for us hard-working athletes out there, where has our races gone all our hard work over the winter periods just getting eaten up by COVID-19 19 what were the odds of that, but wait outtttttttt

Not if your race team organizers are called Adam, Andrew, and the bearded dragon Rod these guys from the new set up from CGM ultra, these guys have managed to pull off not just 1 race but 2, D33 in march just before all of us getting lockdown and then the bennachie ultra, the work that these guys have put on to hold the events was just outstanding so well done to the team mega kudos.

Now onto the race its self, Saturday 10th October its RACE day, every athletes highlight of the year, the buzz around the event was certainly going around, The race was held under restrictions and guidelines from COVID rules which made it slightly different, we were all starting in different waves times all allocated prior so it was a case of turn up to the start at your wave time and set off in small groups, it was strange for sure as normally your all off at the same time, so it was going to a race where you kind of had no feeling of where you were in the race regarding positions, having that feeling certainly took a lot of pressure off and I could really just focus on my own race and my own time, and by knowing the field of top end athletes that were on the starting line I knew I wasn't going to get caught up in that speed of race, Robbie Simpson was starting alongside Jason Kelly who both raced each other not too long ago at the lairig ghru, so I know there was going to be some blistering times set.

So it was just me the course and the time I was going to run the race, I had put an estimated time of 4 hours 30 mins this was predicted going off where I thought my current fitness was, I did think I could have sneaked a 4:15 time in but I was more confidant that 4:30 was well achievable, training had been going well the start of the race went well keeping within the small pack of 4-5 runners until a few miles past and it was me and 1 other, the first half of the course is undulating for sure and can easily catch you out if you go off to fast which I was fully aware of and kept my cool on that part of the course through the hard trail and logging roads, the weather was perfect and mild for being October too, after 9 or so miles in I came into the road section and I knew I wanted to run this next 3/4 miles well as the next part was the second part of the course, hills bogs hill bogs and more.

The road section went well and I went into the second part of the course feeling good, I had been on the course route nearly every weekend so I knew what was coming up ahead, if you don't fuel right this is where it will catch you out for sure, I've been up and down the zig-zags, god knows how many times and I most prefer running them up the way I get a buzz about it.

The second half was going well and the weather was holding up great too, there was great support out on the trails too from all local clubs around it was great having all that support out there, on my towards mither tap was where I was beginning to have a wee wobble in the race a bad spot but I knew the end was in sight and that not much people have passed me so I must have been a good position, that kept me going towards the end and pushed as much as I could for the last few miles would have loved to of pushed more but indigestion/chest pains were getting in the way, none the less I got my way down and onto the finish line in 5th place and a time of 4 hours and 24 seconds 6 mins better than my prediction and a top 5 finish in that field I was happy, the race finish was great the team had done a fantastic job the hot soup was amazing thanks again.

Race Gear

Inov 8 race elite vest

Adidas Ultra Trails

Suunto Baro 9 Watch

Huma/Spring energy Gels

On Run Shorts/ Pyllon Top

features (socks)

Next Race

Spey side way ultra

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